Juan Pablo Soto

Juan Pablo Soto:

Juan Pablo, married to Alison, start his career when he was 18 years old, working for the government of Chile in the development of projects for the artisanal fisheries in the south of Chile. At the same time, he started studying computers systems(MS), network and security (MS) at the School of Engineering of Los Lagos University. He also started teaching—first, the Investigative Police of Chile, then mixing education and computers, and in that way he discovered One Laptop Per Child. With OLPC, local universities and with the help of the local government he went to public and rural schools installing and showing advances and uses of technology using Open Source.
At the same time, Juan Pablo was working in the salmon industry as system administrator for almost 9 years.

After many years of experience and studies he came to the States, where he start working in different areas—as trader and working with the Consortium of Catholics Academies. Always with passion, developing with a mix of technology and education using Open Source resources and in the administration of the network of four schools of the Consortium.

Finally, he is part of St. Ann’s Academy where is Señor Soto, the Spanish Teacher and Information Coordinator, where he enjoys every moment with students, families and faculty.

Juan Pablo enjoys Winter sports as Ice Skating, Ice Climbing, Mountaineering, Ski and others.