What Makes St. Ann’s Different

The Saint Ann’s Academy Mission
Saint Ann’s Academy, a Roman Catholic school steeped in tradition, provides a culturally diverse environment and a challenging academic program. We prepare our students to be independent thinkers, instilled with global perspective and guided by Christian values.

Your child will learn more at St. Ann’s Academy. They will learn more about fundamentals. More about new and innovative subject matter. More about themselves.

We accomplish this by delivering five primary benefits to each of our students:

An Accomplished Student

Your student will graduate from our School equipped with more fundamental knowledge than the typical student at competing, local public and private schools.

A Well-Rounded Mind

Your student will graduate from our School knowing how to find answers through independent research; they will know how to put ideas to paper to clearly express their thinking and their feelings; they will know how to utilize contemporary technology and science as tools to expand their reach; they will know that with God in their hearts they will never be alone; and they will have the assured self-confidence that accompanies a well-rounded mind.

Individual Attention

Our smaller class sizes afford each student the one-on-one attention necessary to reach their full potential, and beyond.

Empowering Imagination and Creativity

We empower students to let their budding imaginations blossom and their inborn creativity unfurl so that they might open themselves to the wonders of the world around them.

Reinforced Values

We gently but consistently reinforce the Christian and basic human values that you are introducing to your children at home.