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The North West Current 12/25/2011 3rd Grade

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The North West Current 12/25/2011 3rd Grade

Saint Ann’s Academy

By: Maura Ryan and Malachi Mack, Third Grader
Every day at school we do something new, such as
practicing our division skills in math, learning new
spelling words, and reading new stories. We are
learning about Volcanoes right now in reading. We are
also learning about the Ten Commandments which we
really enjoy. In Spanish, we learned “Silent Night” and
The Lord’s Prayer. In science, our favorite experiment
was when we made electricity by connecting a battery
with aluminum foil to a mini light bulb. The bulb lit up
and we used a paperclip as the light switch – it was
We are also doing something fun called Secret Santa.
You buy someone a gift and they have to guess who
gave it to them. We also like having hot dog lunch, it’s
so delicious! You get a hot dog, a drink, and a cupcake.
We get to eat with our friends and the rest of the school.
We are having fun at all of our school events!
SCRIP-TO-GO…, Scrip is available for purchase after
all masses at the SCRIP-TO-GO table at the Yuma
Street entrance. Cash, checks and credit cards are
welcome. Proceeds benefit Saint Ann’s Academy. The
students and families of Saint Ann’s Academy thank
you for supporting our parish school!!
Through your generous effort and kind support, we are
able to provide a faith-driven education to our students.
Thank you and may God continue to bless you!!! To
inquire about registering your child with Saint Ann’s
Academy or for additional information, please contact
the school’s office at (202) 363-4460, ext. 1, or visit


The North West Current 11/10/2011 3rd Grade

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The North West Current 11/10/2011 3rd Grade

Third Grade

By: Gregory Kennison and Gerard Rivera


The third grade has done many educational and interesting things so far this year. In science, we

just finished a unit on outer space where we learned how the Moon causes waves in the Earth’s
oceans. We are now working on a unit on the weather and are learning how the water cycle gives
life on Earth. In religion, we are learning about the Sacraments and seasons of the liturgical
year. In social studies, we are working on a group project and presentation about different Indian
tribes, and are comparing them to the Piscataway tribe who lived in the DC area before new
settlers came. Soon we will be taking a field trip to the Smithsonian American Indian Museum to
learn more about tribes and to listen to a Native American storyteller.

In math, we are learning multiplication. We are not only working on our times tables, but we
also learned three strategies to use to solve a problem if we do not have the answer memorized
– arrays, drawing a picture, and repeated addition. We made an art project with sponge paints to
show arrays for our four times table. We are having a lot of fun learning math in creative ways!

“Gala and Auction 2012″

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“Gala and Auction 2012″

Saint Ann’s Gala and Auction
Saturday, March 24, 2012

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School Delay

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Due to the inclement weather St. Ann’s Academy classes start today at 11:00am and Morning care from 10:00am 

also remember  The National Weather Service in Washington DC, has extended the freezing rain advisory until 9AM this morning. Drizzle and areas of fog will continue through the morning, temperatures will remain in the upper twenties to lower thirties. A glaze of ice is expected on untreated surfaces, visibility reduced to one quarter mile in some areas. Reduce speeds and use extreme caution while driving.

Letter from the Principal

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Dear Families of Saint Ann’s Academy:
This past Friday, Saint Ann’s Academy students were given the opportunity to attend
one act of Hansel and Gretel by the opera company Camerata of Washington. Our Academy
Chorus performed with the stage members of the opera. It seemed as though the students
appreciated learning about a different genre of theatre.
Saint Ann’s Academy was the only private school in the District of Columbia to be
selected to be guests of the opera company. The performers were so impressed with the
student’s behavior and participation that they asked if they could return for a spring
performance. I want to thank Mrs. Massey for directing the chorus. Well done!
I also want to thank Mrs. Johanna Robinson and her amazing crew of volunteers who
came out Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning to make the Breakfast with Santa a great
success. This has become a wonderful tradition here at Saint Ann’s Academy.
I look forward to seeing everyone this evening at our Christmas concert at 6:30 p.m. in
the church. There will be a reception in Kernan Court after the concert.
Finally, please remember the last day of classes for 2011 will be on Wednesday,
December, 21. There will be a 12:00 dismissal and no after-care. Please be prompt picking up
your child.
Warm regards,
Thomas W. Wharton