Adopt a Classroom


What does it mean to “adopt” a classroom?
By adopting a classroom, you serve as a community partner to a classroom providing financial and moral support to the teacher and students. By adopting a classroom, you are not responsible for paying for the full amount of whatever classroom supplies the teacher needs. You are making a donation and others may still “adopt” or donate to the same classroom.

Does adopting a classroom “make a difference”?
You bet! By adopting a classroom, you are providing the teacher with additional funds to purchase hands-on learning materials. In addition, by serving as a community partner, you are positively impacting teacher morale. Empirical data supports that these two factors increase opportunity for classroom success.

Is there a donation size requirement?
You may donate any amount you desire, with a minimum of $25 per classroom.

Is my contribution tax deductible?
Yes. Adopt-A-Classroom is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

Can I adopt more than one classroom?
Yes. You can adopt as many classrooms as you like.

Does Adopt-A-Classroom give the teachers cash?
Adopt-A-Classroom does not send cash to the teachers. We provide each teacher with an online “e-wallet” account. Your donation is deposited into that online account and the teacher can use the funds with a network of online vendors affiliated with Adopt-A-Classroom.

What may teachers purchase with the donation?
Teachers may use the donated funds to purchase resources such as learning games, books, manipulatives and other materials that help them create an engaging and effective classroom learning environment. Teachers may not use the funds for field trips.

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